Fes is the oldest imperial city in Morocco. There are several beautiful locations in this city, among which are the palace and bustling town squares, the Bizaars, the medina and the Kasbahs. There are several attractions in Fes, which makes this city a choice destination for films shooting. They are:

  • Fes et Bali: This location comprises narrow winding alloys and the market areas known as the Souks. Items that can be found in this market include food stuffs, copper products, wood carvings, dyers souk, spices, etc. In 1981, UNESCO declared Fes et Bali as a World Heritage Site.
  • Debel Tazzeka National Park: This national park features wild life, canyons, waterfalls and flora. There is abundance of flora and fauna species at this venue like the tall ferns, birds, cork-oaks, cedars, wood pigeons and multi-colored hippoe.
  • Bab Boujeloud: This is the main entrance gate to Fes. The beautifully designed gate is adorned with mosaic work.
  • Dar Batha Museum: Situated at Hispano-Moorish palace, this museum features a wide selection of embroidery, jewelry, ancient coins, wrought iron work and carved wood. There is the pottery room where ceramic objects crafted by Fes craftsmen could be seen.

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